Our Rooms

All of our rooms have comfortable beds, beautiful wood floors and lots of natural light. And there’s just four of them, so you’re never dealing with a crowd. We have carefully furnished our rooms to make you feel at home during your stay in Brooklyn. We offer a range of accommodation in order to welcome a mutually-enriching community of guests.

Private Queen

Two of our rooms have a single queen bed in a lovely, private space with high ceilings and tons of natural light. It’s the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. These are of course best suited for single travelers desiring the privacy and comfort of their own bedroom and for couples sharing a bed. As with all our accommodations, the bathrooms and shower are shared. Home-cooked breakfast included.

Private Two-Bed Suite

Our most sprawling room features two queen-size beds and window seating. Elegant and inviting, it can accommodate a party of up to four travelers comfortably or provide the perfect option for guests who just want to spread out — something that can be hard to do in NYC. Whether there’s one or four of you in your party, the room’s always private. As with all our accommodations, the bathrooms and shower are shared. Home-cooked breakfast included.


To make the essentials of bed and breakfast accessible, we offer budget travelers a bunk in a welcoming room shared by up to four guests — sometimes from all four corners of the earth! This is a big step above your typical hostel. Comfy twin mattresses sit on sturdy wood frames in this homey space that opens via French doors onto the living room where a home-cooked breakfast awaits in the morning. The bathrooms and shower are shared with the other rooms. Breakfast included. Multiple guests traveling together need to make separate reservations for each bunk they wish to reserve.


Please consider the following unique features and amenities of our space:

Guests from all four rooms share a full bathroom with a shower and an additional water closet (toilet and sink) off the hall that we take special care to keep tidy and clean.

3B resides in a historic Brooklyn building which means high ceilings, plenty of charm and—alas—no elevator. Our rooms are located on the third floor, requiring guests to walk up two flights of stairs. We regret that this makes the space inaccessible to some people.

We provide all of our guests with a full breakfast cooked in-house from fresh, delicious, whole foods. Breakfast is available between 8:30 and 10 a.m.

Please note also that we have no television sets in any of the rooms. Who comes to New York to watch TV? We do have plenty of books and endless conversation with which to divert you.

The space is equipped with complimentary wireless internet access.

Carbon conscious? 3B gets 100% of its electricity from wind power.

More questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions, or just give us a call.