Frequently Asked Questions

How far are you from Manhattan?

You can be in downtown Manhattan in about 10 minutes by one of the twelve train lines within five blocks of our door. It takes about 20 minutes by express subway to get to Times Square or Penn Station. When the weather’s nice, it’s also a lovely walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. For more detailed information, see our location page.

I will be driving to New York. Is there parking nearby?

There are many parking lots in the neighborhood that charge by the day, generally around $20 for 24 hours, or $9 for day-long parking. There is metered parking available on Lawrence and surrounding streets, with a 1 hour limit on weekdays.

What’s breakfast like?

We get most of all our vegetables from a local farm through a great CSA program. Accordingly, breakfast varies daily since we never know what we’re going to have week to week. We always have our famous homemade granola, coffee and orange juice; hot breakfasts include homemade bread and croissants, quiches, frittatas, oatmeal, porridge, strata, fruit salad, french toast, pancakes and more!

I don’t eat meat/dairy/wheat/nuts/soy. Can you make me a special breakfast?

Of course! All of our breakfasts are vegetarian, and we usually have a vegan option as well. We also can make gluten-free breakfasts happen. If you are a very strict vegan, or have an allergy, let us know when you make your reservation and we’ll make sure you don’t go hungry.

I have to wake up super early. Will I go hungry?

Each day’s full breakfast comes out around 8:30 AM. At 7:30, we put out continental options–like freshly-roasted coffee, cereal, yogurt, homemade granola, juice, and fruit. If you have an extra-early wakeup time, let us know and we can make sure you’re accommodated.

Can I bring my pet?

Sadly, no. We love animals, but they’re not allowed in our building. Small children are A-OK!

Do you have wifi?

Yup. 3B offers free wireless internet to all of our guests traveling with their own computers, and an internet-equipped desktop computer in the common space for guests to use. We don’t have TVs though.


Nope. All of our rooms and the common areas of 3B are non-smoking, per NYC law.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask for a 25 percent deposit at the time you make your reservation. If you cancel your reservation more than one week in advance, we will refund you everything except the deposit. Cancellations within one week will be refunded 50%, and no-shows charged full price.

Can I do laundry?

We will wash, dry, and fold a load for you for ten bucks.

Do I have to bring my own towels or linens?

Nope, they’re on the house! We even have a cache of toothbrushes if you forget yours.

New York never sleeps. Is there 24-hour reception?

Each guest gets their own set of keys, so you can come and go as you please. But one of us is home during the day and we have an emergency number for late-night problems.

Can I leave my burdensome luggage behind while I enjoy one last day in New York?

Sure thing. If you’ve got a late flight, we’ll happily store your luggage in a secure area after checkout.

Do I get my own bathroom?

Our bathrooms are not en suite. 3B has two bathrooms, shared by the household: one full bathroom with shower, and one half bathroom (what our European travelers might call a water closet or toilet).

How can I pay?

3B accepts cash, and all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

How is 3B’s business model unique?

3B is worker-owned and run cooperatively. We’re proud members of the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives and the New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives. Working in the B&B is a requirement to live in our house; after expenses, our profits go towards the cost of living here, a benefit shared by everyone. This means we have time to pursue our other professional and creative activities. Any additional profits are divided according to hours worked, following a labor-equity model. (The end result? We’re the first American company certified for meeting the Wagemark international fair wage standard.) We all fill slightly different roles in the business, depending on our individual interests, but decisions are made by consensus. We see 3B as a way to enact our ideals while staying afloat in a difficult city, and we hope that we might end up a model for other progressive entrepreneurs.

So you guys have day jobs? Or do you just putter around 3B all day?

We do lots of different things.

You all live at 3B? What are you, a commune?

We are a co-op, which just means we share our common space, buy all our food together, and work together for the maintenance and happiness of the house. We don’t adhere to any particular ideology–we live like this partly because it is cheaper, and partly because we think it is an intellectually and emotionally enriching way to exist.

What is 3B doing to be green?

3B gets 100% of its electricity from wind power and is an EPA Green Power Partner. We compost our organic waste, source as much produce locally as possible, even growing some vegetables in our rooftop garden. We buy recycled paper products and make our own eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Wherever possible, we have furnished the rooms with salvaged or antique furniture and decor. Last, we buy domestic carbon offsets from TerraPass to ensure that we are helping to sequester more atmospheric carbon than our operation creates.

Are children welcome?

We love kids! Since we’re a small bed and breakfast, we ask you to use your best judgement–if your infant has colic, it might disturb someone else. But as long as no one’s sleep will be compromised, energy, wonder, and excitement during the daytime are totally welcomed.

Do you have air conditioning?

In the summer months, we have window units in every room under your direct control.

Do you have a hair dryer?

We do have hair dryers!

Do you rent bicycles?

We don’t rent them ourselves, but New York City’s Citi Bike program has a station right across the street. For just $25, you can get a 7 day pass allowing unlimited trips of 30 minutes or less.

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Wagemark certified

Member, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives