3B is the brainchild of a living cooperative in Downtown Brooklyn. By staying here you are supporting us to create, to write books and theses, record music and radio documentaries, heal bodies and minds, design graphics and buildings, cultivate gardens and communities, and plot many a future project.

Adam comes to us from the sky, which he fell right out of and into our home, a place he now fills with his original music, raw food, rich laughter and more hugs than we thought humanly possible. He’s been known to burst into full-on dance mode whether on a subway platform, grocery store, our living room or the middle of a park.

Alayna is an artist, newly transplanted to the big city after living most of her life in the mountains out west. She softens the shock of the urban lanscape by cultivating and nurturing as many plants as possible. Even though she finds recipes to be creatively stifling, Alayna loves crafting delicious breakfasts that are beautified by her handmade dishes.

Ayden is an artist, writer, and maker of bespoke experiences. She has had stints in Peruvian cooking school, working as a cheesemaker on a goat farm in California, and as a photographer in Cuba. As a good New Englander, she cherishes maple syrup like gold. Ayden is our newest partner.

Joshua is no stranger to cooperative business models. After being an integral part of Occupy Wall Street’s kitchen and a major player in Occupy Sandy’s food sourcing, he is in the midst of starting a worker-owned catering company called “I love food.” He hails from the Oregon coast and is optimistic to the core.

Katy is an artist and illustrator originally hailing from the northern bits of California. She’s currently getting her MFA, spending rare & free moments rock climbing, making special gifts for her friends and lovers and brewing mead in her bedroom.

Matt keeps the whole operation running with spreadsheets and gusto. He’s been a touring musician, an off-Broadway producer, an EMT in one of the busiest ERs in the country, and a total slacker. He used to make the internet’s most popular button. Now he advises startups in the city. He is also a founding partner.

Tim is our resident fabricator, fitting for a son of the Rust Belt. When he’s not making the best coffee at 3B, he takes photos, teaches woodworking at CUNY, and produces a line of awesome reclaimed-material handmade goods. He loves creative reuse and bicycles, and lives in 3B to make sure someone’s always close at hand.




Catherine has published stories and essays widely. She wrote her debut novel, Nobody Is Ever Missing, while living at 3B. In 2012, she earned a NYFA Artist’s Fellowship in fiction writing. Past lives include being a New Orleanian, a hitchhiker, and a professional cook. She is one of the founding partners.

Originally from California, Allison has spent the last six years supporting affordable housing in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx by organizing and supporting New Yorkers in the creation of their own housing cooperatives.  Yoga, architecture, studio art, trail running and making mundane emails hilarious are among her many passions and talents. She keeps out kitchen stocked with local, organic produce and likes to serve savory tarts and hearty breakfast salads.

Dave is a warm, fast breeze from the West Coast. He took a masters at NYU while living with us, and left New York to pursue a doctorate in political economy at Emory University. Not-so-secret talents include a Broadway-ready voice, expert dance moves, and cooking dinners that make you want to marry him. He was a founding partner, and built the kitchen that feeds you daily.

Karen was our patron saint of all things well-ordered and beautiful. As a founding partner, she developed our design concept and was the project head on everything from refinishing salvaged furniture, color schemes, art curation and everything in between. She now splits time between Peru and Portland.

Petra is our Icelandic, quintilingual, globe-trotting artist-extraordinaire who is responsible for all our graphic design and photography. She is known to come visit quite often, for which we are thankful. Her design and work can be found here.

Cora was one of our busiest founding members, balancing a life as a freelance writer, full-time fact checker at The New Yorker, rooftop garden-tender and frequent breakfast maker. She’s now a full-time journalist for The Intercept.

Dexter fixed anything and everything, a trait true to his Arkansas upbringing and standing as an architect. No one’s ever seen him frown. As a founding member of 3B, he built various pieces of furniture, did all our construction drawings and kept morale high while studying architecture at Pratt.

Stephanie is an artist and philosopher whose credos on love come out in song, particularly the debut album she is polishing up.  She often wakes to prophetic dreams and despite her childlike grin, her brain will destroy you in chess. Thankfully, she also used her intelligence for good–namely keeping our books in order. She was a founding partner.

We want to stay at your alpaca farm! Do you want to live and work in a cooperatively run bed and breakfast?

3b partners are open to housing swap proposals with folks from all over the world! You get to live in Brooklyn and get a taste of communal living and co-operative business running, we get a taste of alpaca wool. Or Costa Rican artist collective. Or Fijian writer colony. Or … whatever cool thing you’ve set up in a tree house that we don’t know about yet.

This is a new concept, but we’re pretty excited! Drop us a line if you want more info and maybe we can make a match.