A 3B Love Story

Inigo and Shani on their wedding day.

Back in February, we were graced by the presence of Inigo Kennedy, a DJ and electronic musician, and his awesome girlfriend Shani. Inigo’s promotor had booked him a room for the weekend, since he had a gig nearby. Based on Shani’s review of our labor of love, they enjoyed their stay.

We loved it so much that we got engaged in our room!…Room Tip: If you’re a couple, the “engagement room” at the end of the hall is the nicest.

Matt snapped this photo of the happy couple in our dining room back in February, where they were drinking celebratory champagne. (And ever-so-kindly coerced him into having a glass, if we remember correctly.)

Inigo and Shani were not the first couple to get engaged within the walls of our bed and breakfast. (We’d like to think it’s the love we put into the food, the rooms, the air — combining with romantic love to form a LOVE EXPLOSION.) But they were the first to send us photos from their wedding, and an update:

Subject: Some Months Later (A 3B B&B Love Story)
To: info@3bbrooklyn.com

Hey 3B!

I don’t know if Shani dropped you a line but I thought I’d let you
know that after getting engaged one sunny happy morning back in
February in the 3B B&B we got married in London on the summer
solstice. Doesn’t happen every day so thought you might like to know
that the story continued! Photo attached in case you don’t remember us

Hope all is good in Brooklyn!


All IS good in Brooklyn, Inigo. Notes like this make us smile like loons.

Three cheers for Brooklyn Love.

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  1. David Saunders says:

    Awww…sweetest ever yet!
    I can attest, Downtown Brooklyn, that you certainly did amazing magic at them.
    Congratulations all round.

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